OnlyFans: How To Guide For Beginners (Free Checklist)

Are you currently working from home and looking for alternative streams of income? Covid shut down a ton of jobs, leaving people looking for new ways to pay their bills. An influx of new content creators have signed up for platforms like Patreon and Onlyfans. These online platforms give creators the ability to build subscribers and make money off of membership fees. Users can post their art, music or like most of us, it's porn. Men and women alike are using their bodies more than ever to make money. You are the product and who best to sell it other than yourself. You know your best assets. Work to boost your "best assets" and features. Find people who enjoy your product and you're on your way to having a fan base.

Vanilla people ask me questions about working in adult entertainment all the time. People can sometimes have a skewed idea at what I do for work. The question I get most often regarding sex work currently is, "Can you really make money on Onlyfans"?

Yes! You definitely can make money using Onlyfans and similar platforms. Keep in mind, a lot of money to one person may not be to someone else. If you're a newbie to sex work there's many things to consider. Sex work encompasses so many different categories and some don't involve actual physical connection. Camming, stripping, fetish, gfe, escorting and nude modeling is its own section in the sex industry. Making money using Onlyfans is so much more than posting nude pics and POV sex videos. I am here to tell you, sex work is real work.

I entered into the adult sex industry in 2013, after losing my corporate job in advertising. My sex worker career started with exotic dancing. I helped build a stripper booking agency in Atlanta with another male stripper. I booked exotic dancers for private parties and events. I still dance for the bachelor parties my company books. Following, I got into fetish modeling and slowly booked more adult work producing and acting in adult/fetish videos. Over the years, I assembled several online video stores and manage two onlyfans accounts, while still running my other businesses. When people ask me about money, it's hard to compare unless you've done sex work prior. Onlyfans is just a drop in my bucket of endless streams of income I manage. Collectively, I've been able to fully support myself since leaving corporate America in 2013.

Sex work isn't for everyone. Before dipping your toe into sex work, you might want to consider:

Will this hurt my future plans?
If you're planning to work in the sex industry for only a short period, think it all the way through. Your nude pics and pov sex videos stay on the internet forever. I've known plenty of sex workers who have lost their normal jobs because they work/worked in the adult industry. A lot of platforms give you the ability to geo block certain locations, but that won't keep everyone from finding out. The stress alone is not worth the worry you'll put yourself through mentally and physically.

Do you have a significant other?
Be honest and upfront. Talk to your partner(s). Don't keep secrets. It never ends well and they always find out. You'll want to be with a partner who supports your goals and dreams. Plus, your biggest fan can help you build your empire or go in on a profile as a couple. A lot of camming sites and platforms cater to couples producing content together, like Chaterbate.

Do you have time?
Each platform I run is its own full time job. Posting, editing, managing each store, custom orders and advertising on social media is constant. You also have to stay relevant. Uploading consistent content on all platforms is necessary in keeping consistent traffic to your sites. Your fans will be expecting your products and this will keep them paying for more. Advertising on multiple social media accounts will potentially get you more traffic. Every social account is another opportunity to reach more consumers. Each part of the equation has to be done for your platform to succeed. You can't just post and expect it to generate revenue. 

* and if you're a guy, for one second, take your penis out of the equation. Unless your starting with a partner you will need to understand most of your clientele will probably be of the same sex. Find a niche and build your reputation as a producer. You'd be surprised at what type of content is out there. Porn is for people who are entrepreneurial, self disciplined and truly interested in making money. Be ready to work. 

Want to start a OnlyFans: Here's your checklist ...

1. Decide on a "stage name"
Sometimes a middle name or childhood pet name is a good place to start. Google your prepared stage name to see who else might already use it. Make sure it flows well, is easy to remember and not hard to spell. Trust me, I know from experience. Having to spell out every letter of your name to make sure your fans can find you is annoying. Keep it simple.

2. Get the word out
Sign up for every social media platform. Even if you don't plan to actively use it. Sign up, create your profile and post thoughtfully. Be careful, social media has its own community guidelines and most don't include the advertising and/or promotion of sexual activity. You'll need to read up on each platform's rules and list of banned words. Twitter, IG, Facebook, Tumblr, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest and Reddit are great places to start.

3. What are you working with?
Content is king. If you're not uploading daily, you could be losing subscribers. Shooting Videos and taking selfies will be a part of your everyday life. It's best if you have a general idea so you fans know what to expect. What are you comfortable showing and what makes you feel sexy? It's alway best to play off of what you are already working with. Think of attributes that set you apart from everyone else. Have a big ass or unusual feet? Show it off!

4. Shoot:
Don't over think this part. Just shoot. Your skills will get better over time but you have to start somewhere. You don't need anything fancy. All you need is a decent camera phone and good lighting. Don't post things that are dark, blurry or of no value. You'll need to pre post content onto your site before you advertise. When fans subscribe to your page, you'll want to have plenty content for them to view. Make sure they are getting their money's worth. Backload your content so if you need a day off, you already have a plethora of stuff to post.

Once you have signed up for your OnlyFans account, it's time to get started and post your content. Keep a schedule to posting. Many of these sites have schedule postings so you can automate your postings. The main thing is to keep creating. You will notice a loss in subscribers if you forget to post or get lazy. Creating is a full time job. Building ads, content, managing your fans and setting goals is all a part of being a successful sex worker.

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