Why I Don't Work In Any Strip Clubs In Atlanta

Men ask my all the time what Atlanta strip club they can come see me at. They are always shocked when I tell them I don't work in any of strip clubs downtown. Unfortunately, strip clubs and gentlemen's club in Atlanta and everywhere else are not what they used to be. In addition, the money is not what it use to be like. I have been doing private parties for years, consider myself a professional and put on a good show for bachelor parties in and around the Atlanta area. One place you will never find me at is in a gentlemen's club or a strip club to work.

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Strip Clubs Are Not For Me

Firstly, I want to let it be known that I support any stripper's choice to work in a strip club. Some girls enjoy the security and it's an easy way to build a regular clientele. Unfortunately, for me, it's not an option. One, I don't drink or smoke/do drugs. I have been in recovery for over seven years. For the most part, I'd prefer to not be in that environment for hours on end. Stripping in a club for hours works for some girls. But, most of the girls I've spoken to the consensus is most strippers don't enjoy it. Above all, I want to enjoy work. I couldn't imagine grudgingly trying to make a living. I left the corporate world years ago because I hated going to work. For me, here are some reasons I stick to private parties.

Tipping and Tipping Out

Did you know strippers have to pay to work at the club? Depending on what time you come in during the evening, is how much you owe the club before you even make a dollar. Exotic dancers hustle club go-ers for table dances, dancing on stage or pulling people into VIP. Some strip clubs try to get you to push drink specials on customers too.

While you work for tips, it is not even mandatory for any patron at a strip club to tip. Whenever I have visited the club, I always see those guys watching and not tipping. It's not a good look, but no one makes you tip. For those who don't tip, definitely don't expect a dancer to give any you attention. At the end of the night, there's an endless list of people you have to tip out. Floor managers, security, bartenders, house mother, the DJ. They all take a portion of what a stripper makes. Not only this, but every dance/VIP dancer receives, the club also takes a cut. Sometimes strippers leave work owing the strip club!

The Strip Club Environment

With so many sexy dancer to choose from, you are basically working against the other female strippers working at the club. I am not the type to compete against other dancers, I don't want to. I prefer to work together to make the most profit. Unfortunately, a lot of girls can be catty. I have heard plenty of stories of girls stealing money, shoes and clothing items from other girls in the club. In addition, some stripper (no judgement) do turn tricks in the VIP. Therefore, why would a customer pay to get teased when they can pay for a cheap blowjob or fuck?

Plus, strip clubs are usually dirty, loud and filled with strangers. Do you really want to spend your bachelor party night with a bunch of drunk strangers? Some might say hiring a private entertainer is expensive. Just think about the money a party spends in a strip club. You have to pay to park, there's an entrance fee, expensive and small drinks and ATM fees. Add all that up per guest.

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Private Parties Is Where It's At

However, a few years ago, I did try to work the strip club scene. For experience sake only, and it was not a good time at all. The girls were rude and after working two songs on the stage, I made $1. It was a humiliating experience. I was done in that moment and glad I don't have to work in a strip club in Atlanta. No thank you.

Above all, when I work a private party, no one is taking a cut of my money. I always receive a show up fee, depending on how far I have traveled, upfront. On top of that, I also get to keep all of the tips I make at the party. Yes, there is drinking and drugs at private parties but I don't have to be in that environment all night long. I make my money and leave when the tips stop coming. Most parties last anywhere from 1-3 hrs.

At private bachelor parties I am provided a real performance and show experience. I dance fully nude but also incorporate fun games and body shot options. It's more of a personal experience and not something you'll ever get at any strip club.

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