Free Nudes Don't Pay My Bills

If I had a nickel for everytime a guy asked me for something for free I would have retired already. Most people don't really understand all the work that goes into creating adult content and the times it takes producers to create for online stores, portfolios and fans. I have poured money and time into my craft for years. This post is to help educate the masses on why I can't send anything for free. Being an independent model is two full time jobs. My paycheck is dependent upon what I put into it. Would you work for free? I had a corporate job prior to getting into the adult business and the stability and balance of a regular paycheck does not exist in this industry.

Jasmin Jai Laying on a bed wearing light blue lingerie showing her bare feet and butt

Equipment: Some people use their cell phones to film but I have both a video camera and a still camera for creating content and customs. My video camera alone costs over $2k. I also purchased a computer with a fast processor/graphics card and professional studio lighting. If you're trying to keep up with technology, then you are continuously buying new equipment as well. Microphones, tripods, SD cards, chargers, additional lighting, external hard drives and multiple cameras. I've bought all of these items and they're not cheap. Software can also be expensive and the knowledge to know how to use them is key too.

    Brunette wearing a Little black dress and red lips
Wardrobe: No one wants to see you wear the same thing in every photo shoot or fetish shoot. When working for other producers they always will want a wardrobe change per video. This can be up to 4 changes per shoot. Fresh photos when updating my portfolio I will never shoot in the same thing twice. If you're a model, you're constantly updating and rotating your wardrobe. Fetish clothing like latex, pvc and dominatrix gear is extremely expensive. Amazon is great but when you want quality pieces, you're going to be spending some money. A bra at Victoria's Secret starts at $50 alone. Stripper boots and heels sometimes start at $100 each.
    Jasmin Jai polished red toenails and log red nails

Hair/Nails/MakeUp: Looking my best is always important in this industry. I am the product. My nails and toes are always polished/manicured. I typically have to get my hair done once a month, cut and color. Hair, skin and makeup products constantly have to be purchased. I don't always wear makeup but for photo shoots it's mandatory. This upkeep is EXPENSIVE. A bottle of my favorite shampoo at ULTA is $60!!!!!

Here's monthly costs just for hair and nails 
  • Women's haircut $50
  • Women's color $100
  • Acrylic nail fill in $45-$50 
  • Pedicure: $35
And don't forget all these services require a 20% tip!

Promotional Items: Luckily, for the most part, I can get my photos for free or photographers pay me to shoot with them. Keeping up with promotional pictures over the years can be costly if you have to get a photographer and pay them for your images. Taking pictures is part of the job. That typically runs $200-$500 for edited images per shoot. There are also additional costs associated for business cards, website domains and other marketing tools.

Front and Back of Jasmin Jai's Business Cards

Time: Time is the most expensive item of them all. How often do you find yourself waiting on a woman to get ready to go out? Shower, shave, hair and makeup prior to work or a shoot is time. Everytime I shoot something, there's planning, setting up and getting ready before anything even happens. Then, count the time spent actually filming and shooting. Typically, a ten minute clip can take an hour to actually shoot depending on the complexity. Lastly, there's the uploading, editing, producing and managing the work online. My content is posted on various online stores that I manage and I update constantly on social media platforms. There's content/description writing, gif making and trailer teasers for every upload and every platform. There's also member sites and the other jobs I book with other producers. This is a full-time job. Besides being a business owner, stripper, entertainer, fetish model, producer, adult performer, content writer, and SEO marketer I am first and foremost a business woman.

For fans who support me all year round, those do get the V.I.P. treatment. If you're a true fan, then you have bought customs, videos or purchased gifts for me. They understand and respect my time. Those are the people who I give freebies to because they really do understand what it takes for me to continue in this business. I know my worth. I do have some free content out there, but I would never just send free stuff. For me to be able to continue working for myself I have to be able to pay my bills. Being able to work as an adult/fetish model didn't happen overnight. It took a lot of time, energy and my own money to get to where I am at now.

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