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Looking to work from home or use another sex work platform? Fans and followers always ask me how they can get into the adult or fetish industry. I wish I had one simple answer to give everyone. Working for yourself has its benefits but it's not easy and a tons of hard work is involved. I've been fortunate enough to network with some great people and work with tons of different producers during my stint in the business. One thing you will need is a strong sense of self and tough skin. Luckily, the adult entertainment industry has tons of different options to choose from.


Jasmin Jai Laying on white silk sheets with a SextPanther logo laying on top of her nude body
If you're already in the sex work industry try your hand at SextPanther. SP is a sexting and role playing phone sex company. You can directly text, send pictures and videos or talk on the phone with clients. Both male and female cam models, strippers and porn stars can apply. However, you must have a good social media following and those who apply have to be "accepted" as a SextPanther model. So if you don't have a social media following, get one before applying or your application will be denied. My favorite part about SP is you can set your own rates and you can access their platform on a computer or your mobile. You can even send out bulk messaging to all your clients at once. Stick to just sexting, phone calls or do both at the same time. They pay bi-weekly and I've made up to $8000 in a month from only sexting. Sign Up and become a SP Model today 

If you sign up and don't get approved your first time, don't worry. Get your social media followers up and re-apply in a few weeks. It's best if you are using a already pre-existing model's referral link too, use mine: Jasmin Jai Referral Link


Be A Cam Model & Make Money
Camming is a great place to start if you're looking to become a sex worker. You can cam with several different companies, completely work from home and set your own hours. Check out all the potential websites you can use and see which one works best for you. Chaturbate seems to be the first in camming and have so many different options for making money. Be a solo performer or work as a couple. Everyone has to start somewhere and this is the best option if you're a guy. Most of your clientele will be men, but as long as you're comfortable with your sexuality, then who cares!? Camming takes a ton of dedication, so it is easy to frustrated in the beginning. As long as you stick with it and don't get discouraged you can build your fan base and really take it somewhere. Get creative with your camming and see what other models are doing as well to get ideas. All you need is a computer and a webcam. Create an account and Become a Cam Model Today!


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Once you've gotten started somewhere this is a great add-on for generating more revenue and keeping up to date with your fan base. OnlyFans is a social media platform and your fans have to pay to see posts. Whether it's a picture or video you can choose whether or not to post it for free to your friends or make them pay more to view. Fans pay a monthly membership fee to follow your profile and posts. The more you post, the more you can make. They even have a 5% lifetime commission referral program when you get other models and friends to sign up. Become the president of your fan club today, Sign up with OnlyFans


Have an entrepreneurial spirit? Starting a studio is really where you can quickly break into the sex industry. So what is a studio? Basically, you can upload clips you film onto a platform and then people pay per minute to download. If you have a fetish of your own, starting a studio might be your best option. Some producers even use their phones as cameras, so it's easy to start. You don't need a big budget to begin. Camera, lighting, computer and editing software is all you will need. If you're wanting to get into porn, shoot it yourself. If you can't pay models to shoot with you, then shoot yourself solo. Check out the websites and see all the different clip categories you can shoot/upload videos for. My best advice is to film what you're into or what you have. Upload daily or weekly for the best traffic results to your store. Most sites also have webcamming and other streams of revenue for you to get involved in as well. My top three sites to sign up for are Clips4Sale, ManyVids and iwantclips. See which one works best for your specific clip categories, or sign for all three! logo
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Clips4Sale even offers a social media fan club site to increase your fans source and revenue. Afer signing up with C4S, head on over to NexoCams and fill out a profile. It's a great place to post more personal photos and behind the scenes fun. Start your profile 

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Remember, no matter avenue you choose to start with they all will need dedication. Make sure you have all social media platforms set up to promote yourself and update constantly. It will be easy to get disgruntled in the beginning but once you get the ball rolling and stay on a strict schedule, you'll see the pay off in the long run. Soon you will be getting custom video requests and a solid fan following. Almost all of these options also have referral and affiliate programs to also help you make more money. Most amatuer and pro porn stars wont just film with anyone. So, if you're a guy really wanting to get into the business, film it yourself. In this industry you will need to be talent tested and be able to cum on command with an audience, which could include other dudes in your presence, it's not just about "fucking".


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