I Only Wear Panties To Take Them Off

Black and white photo of Jasmin Jai sliding panties down her legsFunny, I never did ever like that word, panties. I remember the first time I wore a thong. I was sixteen and wondered, who ever thought the thong was comfortable? It felt like a permanent wedgie. I got older and thongs, cheekies, hipster and G-strings were all a normal part of my daily wardrobe. Years later, I started to get lazy and realized not wearing underwear was almost just as good. Now, the only time I wear panties is to strip them off at a bachelor party, for a photo shoot or to sell them to an adoring fan. That leaves me with so many pairs of panties for work shoot and parties. I love lingerie but selling my worn panties was my first passage into the fetish world. I had no idea so many men would want to purchase my dirty, smelly and cum filled panties. Not only would I sell my worn thongs, I currently also sell dirty socks, worn stockings and pantyhose and other clothing items. I've sold hairbrushes, nail clippings and used tampons. Nothing is off limits.


A pile of Jasmin Jai's worn panties for purchase

Every purchase will receive a picture(s) of me wearing your item. You can pick the style of panties and possibly color. Same for socks, ankle, athletic, knee high or fun print. Pantyhose and stockings are only in nude or black. Let me know if there is an article of clothing you are interested in buying that you've seen me wear in a photo or video. 


Worn Panties $50                                Pantyhose/Stockings $50              
More than 1 day wear +$25                                      More than 1 day wear +$25

Jasmin Jai sitting on a hotel bathroom sink, topless, wearing pantyhose

Added Scents on Panty or Hosiery: 
sweat +$25
cum +$35
piss +$25
brown +$30
period +$35

Worn Socks $40
worn during working out +$25

Used Shoes:
Slippers/Slip on Shoes $50
Heels/Pump $50
Sneakers $75
Boots & Stripper Heels $100

Any items must be paid via Cash App ONLY 

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