Fetishcon 2018

Fetishcon 2018 

Recently I attended my 5th Fetishcon in St. Petersburg, FL. It was a pretty eventful trip with my best friend and fetish model, Angel Lee. We mostly worked but caught up with producers we only get to see at Fetishcon. Here's who I worked with during my week. 

This was my first time working with Joe. We took some fun promo photos and shot a super kinky handjob scene. 

Tiny Chaste 
Second time shooting with this producer, but shot by myself this time. SO much fun with small penis humiliation, femdom and handjob

Women's Mat Wrestling
I always shoot with the producer Michael whenever I am in town. Shot some cat fighting, femdom and magic/mind control.

Check out their sites to check out their previous work with them and check back in a month or two for the videos I did while on my trip. I had planned to travel to Orlando following Fetcon but those plans got moved to next month. Next stop ... Nashville!

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Teddy Bear and Jasmin Jai take a selfie together both wearing strokies.com tank tops
Shooting with Strokies!
In her hotel room, Jasmin Jai wears a maroon cotton short dress and heels for a mirror selfie

Jasmin Jai wear formal black gown, takes a bathroom selfie with lollipop in her mouth
Fetish Models pose together right before Fetishcon awards ceremony
fetish model, Angel Lee and myself
Fetish Model Friends, Delila Bee, Angel Lee and Jasmin Jai take picture together in Hilton hotel lobby
Delila Bee, Angel Lee and I
Jasmin Jai in red string bikini bottoms and Fetcon tank sitting next to the pool
Fetishcon Video Shoot
Fetish Models Angel Lee and Jasmin Jai take a bathroom mirror selfie in their long gowns
Friday night meet and greet
Jasmin Jai in a vanilla velvet gown on the red carpet at Ftishcon awards
Sunday fetish awards red carpet


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